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Highfield Level 3 International Award in Nutrition and Health

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About Course

This qualification is for those learners involved in the purchase, delivery, production and serving of food in the catering industry. Topics included in this qualification include: food allergy and food intolerance and the responsibilities to effectively manage these, characteristics of food allergies and food intolerances, procedures relating to the accurate communication of ingredient information, from supplier to consumer, hygiene considerations with regard to allergen and ingredient control and procedures relating to the control of contamination and cross-contamination of allergenic ingredients. The qualification is also suitable for those owning/managing a smaller catering business.

Qualification Awarding Body
Highfield Qualifications  - UK

​Entry Requirements
Age : 16 years or above

Course Duration

Fifteen (15) Hours

Course Fees

INR 10500 / GBP 105 / USD 135

​​​Modes of Study

  • ​Online

  • Classroom

  • In-House

  • Blended

​​Mode of Exam

  • ​Online

Guidance on Assessment

  • ​Assessment Method : Multiple Choice Question

  • No. of  Questions : 45

  • Pass mark : 27/45 (60%)

  • Merit : 32/45 (70%)

  • Distinction : 36/45 (80%)

  • Exam Duration : 90 Minutes

Course Content

  • Describe the fundamental elements of nutrition - Macronutrients - Micronutrients - Fluids - Balanced diet

  • Outline how food is processed by the human body - Digestion - Absorption - Basal metabolic rate - Energy requirements

  • Describe the different food groups that form the basis of healthy eating

  • Explain the nutritional requirements for different age groups

  • Describe the factors that affect food intake and food choices

  • Explain the common factors leading to unhealthy food choices

  • Outline how these common factors can be overcome and tackled individually or by professionals (nutritionist/psychologist)

  • Outline the dietary requirements of ethnic minority groups

  • Describe the various nutrition related health disorders

  • Explain the nutritional factor in some chronic diseases

  • Outline suitable diet modifications/therapeutic diets/Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) for specific health conditions

  • Outline the essentials of a healthy meal pattern

  • Explain different cooking methods that help preserve the nutritional value of the food

  • Explain the conditions and pressures that might disrupt healthy eating

  • Explain the principles of a healthy balanced menu

  • Explain how to identify and evaluate the nutritional value of a food item Food labels Food stores Portion size

  • Explain how to deal with ‘Eating Outside’

The exam is conducted via Highfield E-assessment and is remotely invigilated online at your home or your workplace.​

Exam Requirements

  • Photographic ID [Passport / Driving Licence / National ID ]

  • PC/Laptop - PC or Laptop running Windows 7 or higher, or a Mac running iOS X or higher

  • Webcam

  • Smartphone running Android 4.1 or IOS 8.0 with camera / video functionality.

  • Good internet connection

  • Personal email address


  • Successful candidates receive a certificate from the Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance.

Qualification Documents

About Highfield - UK


Highfield - UK

  • Offers UK regulated and international qualifications and accredit training programmes specifically designed for delivery outside of the UK.

  • Works with over 30,000 global employers, training providers and tutors

  • Qualifications are delivered to learners in 57 countries

  • Offers over 300 qualifications in a range of industry sectors

  • Has developed over 700 supporting trainer and learner support resources

Highfield is regulated by
Ofqual, Qualifications Wales, SQA Accreditation
The Council for the Curriculum Examinations and Assessment (CCEA) and
The Security Industry Authority (SIA)
In addition to this, Highfield Qualifications are also a government-regulated end-point assessment organisation (EPAO).

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Highfield Certificate
​Have very strong worldwide acceptance in the field of Food & Health Safety standards​
​Is also recognised by the Dubai Municipality apart from most of the food manufacturers & caterers in the Gulf Region also insisting on HABC's certification on HACCP for better employment prospects & career growth in the Gulf countries! 
Highfield International Success Stories

​Highfield works with the world’s most recognisable companies. A few of the companies are:


Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services (DCAS)
Dubai Municipality
Salama Fikira
Americana Group
The Rotana Hotel Management Corporation
Khalifa University
Dubai Petroleum
Dubai Taxi Corporation
Emirates Transport
Zayed University - Product Development
College of Tourism & Hotel Management (COTHM)

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