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Highfield Level 4 Award in Managing Food Safety in Catering (RQF)

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About Course

The objective of this qualification is to prepare learners for employment in a catering role, or to support a role in the workplace. The qualification is intended for those whose job requires them to have some responsibility for food safety. Learners are likely to have management responsibilities for an operational team. 

This qualification covers the subject of food hygiene at a suitable depth to ensure learners have a thorough knowledge of hazards and controls; its focus is on the importance of developing, implementing and monitoring food safety procedures. Its topics are regarded by the Foods Standards Agency as being important to maintaining good practice in the production of safe food

Qualification Awarding Body
Highfield Qualifications  - UK

​Entry Requirements: ​
Age : 16 years or above

Course Duration

Forty (40) Hours (5 days)

Course Fees

INR 20500 / GBP 200 / USD 255

​​​Modes of Study

  • ​Online

  • Classroom

  • In-House

  • Blended

​​Mode of Exam

  • ​Online

Guidance on Assessment

  • Assessment Method : Multiple Choice Question & Written Exam

  • This qualification is assessed through a two-part examination.

- Part one is a 30-question multiple-choice examination.

- Part two is written questions

  • Total Marks : 30+70= 100

  • Pass mark : 50/100 (50%)

  • Merit : 60/100 (60%)

  • Distinction : 70/100 (70%)

  • Duration : 150 Minutes (2.5 Hours)

Course Content

  • Explain food business operator and staff responsibilities with regard to food safety legislation 

  • Analyse the requirements of food safety legislation and procedures for compliance and enforcement

  • Explain how the design, layout, construction and maintenance of premises and equipment can affect food safety

  • Discuss the implementation, management and application of good hygiene practices, to include cleaning, disinfection and pest control

  • Explain procedures for supplier and stock control

  • Describe operational methods and safe working practices

  • Outline processes for designing and implementing food safety management procedures, including allocating resources, roles and responsibilities

  • Analyse the risks to food safety from microbial, physical, chemical and allergenic hazards in a specified food business

  • Communicate food safety management information to staff, visitors and suppliers

  • State the need for, and benefits of, staff training and the maintenance of training records

  • Review controls for microbial, physical, chemical and allergenic hazards in a specified food business

  • Discuss methods for monitoring and recording food safety hazards

  • Determine the corrective actions required if food safety hazards are not controlled

  • Explain methods for verifying the effectiveness of food safety management procedures

  • Describe circumstances that require adjustment of food safety management procedures

  • Describe how to implement adjustments to food safety management procedures

  • Outline strategies for developing and maintaining a food safety culture within an organisation

The exam is conducted via Highfield E-assessment and is remotely invigilated online at your home or your workplace.​

Exam Requirements

  • Photographic ID [Passport / Driving Licence / National ID ]

  • PC/Laptop - PC or Laptop running Windows 7 or higher, or a Mac running iOS X or higher

  • Webcam

  • Smartphone running Android 4.1 or IOS 8.0 with camera / video functionality.

  • Good internet connection

  • Personal email address


  • Successful candidates receive a certificate from the Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance.

Qualification Documents

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