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Highfield Level 2 International Award in Nutrition and Health

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About Course

The Highfield Level 2 International Award in Nutrition and Health will benefit anyone who prepares and serves food, as it provides learners with a basic understanding of nutrition and the requirements of special diets to enable the planning and provision of well-balanced meals that will have a positive impact on health, for both adults and children.

Qualification Awarding Body
Highfield Qualifications  - UK

​Entry Requirements
Age : 14 years or above

Course Duration

 Seven (7) Hours

Course Fees

INR 7500 / GBP 75 / USD 95

​​​Modes of Study

  • ​Online

  • Classroom

  • In-House

  • Blended

​​Mode of Exam

  • ​Online

Guidance on Assessment

  • ​Assessment Method : Multiple Choice Question

  • No. of  Questions : 20

  • Pass mark : 12/20 (60%)

  • Merit : 14/20 (70%)

  • Distinction : 16/20 (80%)

  • Exam Duration : 45 Minutes

Course Content

  • Outline current nutritional guidelines for a healthy diet

  • Describe essential nutrients and their benefits

  • Describe the impact of diet on health

  • Describe the food preparation techniques to help maintain the nutritional value of the food

  • Describe the main features of special diets

  • Explain how special diets can help to deal with health problem

  • Describe the food preparation technique suitable to those on special diet

The exam is conducted via Highfield E-assessment and is remotely invigilated online at your home or your workplace.​

Exam Requirements

  • Photographic ID [Passport / Driving Licence / National ID ]

  • PC/Laptop - PC or Laptop running Windows 7 or higher, or a Mac running iOS X or higher

  • Webcam

  • Smartphone running Android 4.1 or IOS 8.0 with camera / video functionality.

  • Good internet connection

  • Personal email address


  • Successful candidates receive a certificate from the Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance.

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