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Highfield Level 4 International Award in Managing Food Safety for Catering

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About Course

The objective of this qualification is to provide managers and potential managers employed in a catering or retail business with the knowledge to manage the business in a way that ensures the safety of the food prepared and/or sold. This is also suitable for food safety trainers responsible for training food handlers, supervisors and managers. 

The content covers the subject of food hygiene at a suitable depth to ensure learners have a thorough knowledge of hazards and controls. Its focus is on the importance of developing, implementing and monitoring food safety procedures.

Qualification Awarding Body
Highfield Qualifications  - UK

​Entry Requirements: ​
Age : 16 years or above

Course Duration

Forty (40) Hours (5 days)

Course Fees

INR 20500 / GBP 200 / USD 255

​​​Modes of Study

  • ​Online

  • Classroom

  • In-House

  • Blended

​​Mode of Exam

  • ​Online

Guidance on Assessment

  • Assessment Method : Multiple Choice Question [MCQ]

  • No. of  Questions : 60

  • Pass mark : 36/60 (60%)

  • Merit : 42/60 (70%)

  • Distinction : 48/60 (80%)

  • Duration : 120 Minutes (2 Hours)

Course Content

  • Explain food business operator and staff responsibilities with regards to food safety

  • Explain how the design, layout, construction and maintenance of premises and equipment can affect food safety

  • Discuss the implementation, management and application of good hygiene practices, including cleaning, disinfection, waste disposal and pest control

  • Explain the procedures for supplier and stock control

  • Describe operational methods and safe working practices

  • Outline the processes for designing and implementing food safety management procedures, including allocating resources, roles and responsibilities

  • Analyse the risks to food safety from microbial, physical, chemical and allergenic hazards in a specified food business

  • Communicate food safety management information to staff, visitors and suppliers

  • State the need for, and benefits of, staff training and the maintenance of training records

  • Review controls for microbial, physical, chemical and allergenic hazards in a specified food business

  • Discuss the methods for monitoring and recording food safety hazards

  • Determine the corrective actions required if food safety hazards are not controlled

  • Explain the methods for verifying the effectiveness of food safety management procedures

  • Describe the circumstances that require adjustments of food safety management procedures and how to implement the adjustments

  • Outline strategies for developing and maintaining a food safety culture within an organisation

The exam is conducted via Highfield E-assessment and is remotely invigilated online at your home or your workplace.​

Exam Requirements

  • Photographic ID [Passport / Driving Licence / National ID ]

  • PC/Laptop - PC or Laptop running Windows 7 or higher, or a Mac running iOS X or higher

  • Webcam

  • Smartphone running Android 4.1 or IOS 8.0 with camera / video functionality.

  • Good internet connection

  • Personal email address


  • Successful candidates receive a certificate from the Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance.

Qualification Documents

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