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Quality Policy

At Cosmos International Training Institute (CITI), we are committed to delivering high-quality training and educational services that meet the needs and expectations of our students, stakeholders, and industry partners. Our Quality Policy reflects our dedication to excellence, continuous improvement, and customer satisfaction.

1. Commitment to Quality
1.1 Customer Focus: CITI places utmost importance on understanding and meeting the needs and expectations of our students, stakeholders, and industry partners. We strive to exceed customer satisfaction through the delivery of high-quality training programs and services.
1.2 Continuous Improvement: CITI is committed to continuous improvement in all aspects of our operations, including training delivery, curriculum development, facilities, and customer service. We actively seek feedback from stakeholders and implement measures to enhance quality and effectiveness.

2. Quality Objectives
2.1 Excellence in Training: CITI aims to provide training programs that are comprehensive, relevant, and aligned with industry standards and best practices. We continually review and update our curriculum to ensure its currency and relevance.
2.2 Qualified Instructors: CITI ensures that our instructors possess the necessary qualifications, expertise, and industry experience to deliver high-quality training and mentorship to our students.
2.3 State-of-the-Art Facilities: CITI invests in modern facilities, equipment, and resources to support effective training delivery and create a conducive learning environment for our students.

3. Compliance and Accreditation
3.1 Legal Compliance: CITI adheres to all applicable laws, regulations, and standards governing the provision of training and educational services. We ensure compliance with regulatory requirements to uphold the integrity and quality of our programs.
3.2 Accreditation: CITI seeks accreditation and recognition from relevant accrediting bodies and industry associations to validate the quality and credibility of our training programs and services.

4. Customer Satisfaction
4.1 Feedback Mechanism: CITI solicits feedback from students, stakeholders, and industry partners to assess satisfaction levels, identify areas for improvement, and implement corrective actions as necessary.
4.2 Timely Response: CITI responds promptly to inquiries, concerns, and feedback from students and stakeholders, demonstrating our commitment to customer service excellence.

5. Training and Empowerment
5.1 Employee Training: CITI invests in the training and professional development of our staff to enhance their skills, knowledge, and capabilities in delivering high-quality training and support services.
5.2 Empowerment: CITI empowers our staff to take ownership of quality improvement initiatives and encourages a culture of accountability, collaboration, and innovation.

6. Contact Information
For inquiries or feedback regarding our quality management practices, please contact:
Cosmos International Training Institute (CITI) No.26, 2nd Street, Sri Padmavathy Nagar, Pattabiramapuram, Tiruttani - 631 209 Tiruvallur (Dt.), Tamil Nadu, India Email: Phone: +91 - 97 87 87 28 66

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