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Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) Policy

At Cosmos International Training Institute (CITI), we are committed to ensuring the health, safety, and well-being of our students, staff, visitors, and the environment. This Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) Policy outlines our commitment to maintaining high standards of HSE management across all our activities.

1. Health and Safety
1.1 Commitment: CITI is committed to providing a safe and healthy learning environment for all students, staff, and visitors.
1.2 Responsibilities: All employees, contractors, and visitors are responsible for complying with HSE policies, procedures, and regulations while on CITI premises or participating in CITI activities.
1.3 Risk Management: CITI conducts regular risk assessments to identify and mitigate potential hazards in the learning environment. Control measures are implemented to minimize risks to an acceptable level.
1.4 Training and Awareness: CITI provides HSE training and awareness programs to all employees and students to ensure they are equipped with the knowledge and skills to work safely and prevent accidents.

2. Environment
2.1 Environmental Protection: CITI is committed to minimizing its environmental impact by implementing sustainable practices and reducing resource consumption, waste generation, and pollution.
2.2 Compliance: CITI complies with all applicable environmental laws, regulations, and standards to ensure the protection of the environment.
2.3 Continuous Improvement: CITI continually monitors and reviews its environmental performance to identify opportunities for improvement and implement measures to achieve environmental sustainability.

3. Emergency Preparedness and Response
3.1 Emergency Planning: CITI develops and maintains emergency response plans to effectively respond to emergencies such as fires, natural disasters, and medical emergencies.
3.2 Emergency Drills: Regular emergency drills and exercises are conducted to test the effectiveness of emergency response procedures and ensure that employees and students are prepared to respond to emergencies appropriately.

4. Communication and Consultation
4.1 Open Communication: CITI encourages open communication and consultation with employees, students, and other stakeholders on matters relating to health, safety, and environmental management.
4.2 Reporting: Employees and students are encouraged to report any HSE concerns, incidents, or near misses promptly to management for investigation and corrective action.

5. Compliance and Review
5.1 Compliance: CITI is committed to complying with all relevant health, safety, and environmental legislation, regulations, and standards.
5.2 Review: This HSE Policy is reviewed periodically to ensure its effectiveness and relevance to CITI's operations. Updates and improvements are made as necessary.

6. Contact Information
For inquiries or concerns regarding health, safety, and environment matters, please contact:
Cosmos International Training Institute (CITI) No.26, 2nd Street, Sri Padmavathy Nagar, Pattabiramapuram, Tiruttani - 631 209 Tiruvallur (Dt.), Tamil Nadu, India Email: Phone: +91 - 97 87 87 28 66 

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