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EOSH UK Award in Environmental Social and Governance (ESG)

(EOSH - Environmental Occupational Safety and Health)

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The EOSH UK Award in Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) is a cutting-edge program designed to equip participants with comprehensive knowledge and skills in the critical domains of sustainability and corporate responsibility. This course provides a deep understanding of the principles and practices related to ESG, emphasizing their significance in today’s global business landscape. Participants will explore the intricacies of environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and effective governance, fostering a holistic perspective on sustainability. Through a blend of theoretical instruction, case studies, interactive discussions, and practical projects, attendees will emerge as experts capable of guiding organizations toward responsible and sustainable practices, driving positive environmental and social impacts, and enhancing corporate governance.


The qualification has recommended course duration of 7-10 days.
Note: How ever the course duration may be increased to meet additional learning needs if required but not reduced.


• Introduction to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)
• Sustainability Frameworks
• Sustainable Management Systems
• Sustainable Supply Chain Management
• Environmental Stewardship
• Social Responsibility
• Effective Governance
• ESG Reporting
• Environmental Conservation
• Community Engagement
• Ethical Leadership
• Sustainable Finance
• Climate Actions
• Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs
• ESG Risk Management
• Capstone Project


This qualification is evaluated using Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQ) and assessments. To receive this qualification, the learner must pass both tests with a certain percentage.

EOSH - UK: Environmental Sustainability Courses:

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