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Our Accreditations

Cosmos International Training Institute (CITI)

Discover excellence in training with Cosmos International Training Institute (CITI), an esteemed institution offering nationally and internationally recognized qualifications.


We're proud to announce our approval by the renowned

  • Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance (HABC), United Kingdom (UK), with Centre No.: 27039, and

  • Environmental Occupational Safety and Health (EOSH),United Kingdom (UK), with Centre Number: 2415.


At CITI, we uphold the highest standards of education, ensuring that our learners receive top-notch training that meets global industry requirements. Join us on a journey towards professional success and achievement.


About Highfield,UK

Highfield is a leading provider of compliance training and qualifications, offering a wide range of accredited courses across various sectors. The organization is known for its expertise in food safety, health and safety, security, first aid, and other compliance areas.

  • Highfield is regulated by Ofqual, ensuring the quality and validity of its qualifications.


  • Highfield's adherence to standards is certified by Qualifications Wales, guaranteeing the credibility of its programs.


  • SQA Accreditation provides official recognition of Highfield's qualifications, adding to their credibility and value.


  • The Council for the Curriculum Examinations and Assessment (CCEA) regulates Highfield, ensuring its qualifications meet rigorous standards.


  • Highfield is regulated by The Security Industry Authority (SIA), validating its qualifications within the security industry.

  • Highfield Qualifications serve as a government-regulated end-point assessment organization (EPAO), ensuring the accuracy and fairness of assessments.

A very special announcement Highfield receives the King’s Award for Enterprise

King's Award - Highfield.png

Highfield - UK

  • Offers UK regulated and international qualifications and accredit training programmes specifically designed for delivery outside of the UK.

  • Works with over 30,000 global employers, training providers and tutors

  • Qualifications are delivered to learners in 57 countries

  • Offers over 300 qualifications in a range of industry sectors

  • Has developed over 700 supporting trainer and learner support resources

Highfield Certificate

"Unlock Career Opportunities with Highfield's Certification!

  • Highly esteemed worldwide for its adherence to Food & Health Safety standards.

  • Recognized by the Dubai Municipality.

  • Preferred certification for many food manufacturers and caterers in the Gulf Region.

  • HABC's HACCP certification enhances employment prospects and fosters career growth in Gulf countries.

Highfield International Success Stories

​Highfield works with the world’s most recognisable companies. A few of the companies are:

  • Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services (DCAS)

  • Dubai Municipality

  • Salama Fikira

  • Americana Group

  • The Rotana Hotel Management Corporation

  • Khalifa University

  • Dubai Petroleum

  • Dubai Taxi Corporation

  • Emirates Transport

  • Emarat

  • Zayed University - Product Development

  • College of Tourism & Hotel Management (COTHM)



About EOSH (Environmental, Occupational, Safety & Health),UK

EOSH UK is an innovative and rapidly growing Awarding Body and certification organization that strives to provide individuals with a competitive edge through top-notch qualification development, delivery, and awards in the health and safety field. With our EOSH Certification Schemes accredited by multiple international well recognized awarding bodies, EOSH UK adhere to the ISO/IEC/17024:2012 standard and place a strong emphasis on professionalism and learner ethics. EOSH qualifications are designed to meet specific criteria, providing maximum benefits to learners and centers alike.

Business Awards UK 2024 Finalist
Health and Safety Awards
Best Occupational Health Training Programme

HS Award - EOSH UK.bmp


Business Awards UK 2024 Finalist:

Recognition: EOSH Ltd has been selected as a finalist in the prestigious Business Awards UK 2024.
Significance: This nomination highlights EOSH Ltd's outstanding performance and excellence in its field.
Prestige: Being a finalist in the Business Awards UK underscores EOSH Ltd's reputation for innovation, leadership, and business success.

Health and Safety Awards:

Category: EOSH Ltd has been nominated for the "Best Occupational Health Training Programme" at the Health and Safety Awards.
Achievement: This nomination acknowledges EOSH Ltd's dedication to providing high-quality occupational health training programmes.
Commitment: It reflects EOSH Ltd's commitment to promoting health and safety in the workplace through effective training and education initiatives.

Best Occupational Health Training Programme:

Focus: EOSH Ltd's nominated programme emphasizes occupational health training excellence.
Quality: This recognition indicates that EOSH Ltd's training programme stands out as exemplary in terms of content, delivery, and impact.
Impact: The nomination demonstrates EOSH Ltd's positive influence on enhancing occupational health standards and practices within organizations.

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